Office Makeover: Floors

Since I’ve decided to take on the task of transforming my storage/office/craft room into an actual, legit, work space, I’ve been having nightmares about the hideous beige brick patterned vinyl floor (seen here). Seriously, even typing that description makes me cringe. Since investing in brand new flooring is out the question, I’ve come to the conclusion that the most affordable way to revamp the floor is to PAINT IT!  painted floors 9 painted floors 10 painted floors 7 painted floors 6 painted floors 5 painted floors 4 painted floors 3 painted floors 2 painted floors1

Vinyl + Paint, sounds like a DIY destined to go wrong. But I’ve done my research and LOTS of people have tried it — apparently it works, it lasts, and it’s a pretty simple process (instructions). Besides, even the worse results would look better than beige brick patterned vinyl (cringe). What do you guys think… Good solution, or nay? Leave a comment.

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DIY: Little Animals

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my nephew and godchildren, it’s that their favorite toy one week, is old news the next. I love the idea of finding “grown up” uses for lost and forgotten toys. Spray painting and repurposing these little animal figurines is one of my favs!

animal diy 2 animal diy 3 animal diy 1 animal diy 4 animal diy 7 animal diy 8Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


Little Finds: Sea La Vie

When I started this blog, one of my missions was to feature all the amazing little boutiques and shops that I’ve been discovering on the Eastern Shore. Today, I’m officially “launching” the Little Finds series where I’ll highlight some of my favorite local shops and small businesses. I hope this series can turn into a guide (for locals and visitors alike) of some of the trendiest and unique spots on the shore, and of course encourage everyone to shop local!

I’m kicking off this series with a place that may just be one of the cutest boutiques I’ve ever been in, with one clever little name… Sea La Vie.storefront final storeview jewelry-perfume clearence table owners storeview2 dog toys fish seashell artworkcandels welcome pillows

::Deep Breath:: where do I begin. Wide plank wood floors, white washed walls, exposed beams. Enough said. Architecturally speaking, It’s hard for me to process all its greatness. Huge windows and glass paned double doors floods the room with natural light, and two loft areas overlook the open and airy space. As if its chic barn house style wasn’t cool enough, they filled every nook and cranny with nautical and beach themed home decor and accessories ::gasps::

The store opened in October of last year and is owned by two of the sweetest, nicest, gals Devin & Hunter (and they are sisters). Sea La Vie has everything from house ware, artwork, jewelry, purses, bridal and baby shower gifts, even dog toys. And they plan on selling clothing by the end of the year. A great thing about the merchandise is that a large portion of it is made in the USA, and even locally. Love that!

I cannot thank Devin & Hunter enough for letting me share my experience with you all. If you’re in need of some coastal style decor, pretty accessories, or just want to be totally awed by its atmosphere, head over to Sea La Vie, and let me know what you think (I know you’ll love it). You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram too.

Sea La Vie
11 Artisans Way
Berlin, MD 21811

I can’t wait to share more Little Finds with you guys. Thanks so much for reading!


Office Makeover

Just because you put a desk in a room does not make it an office — proof below. I’m finally going to take on the task of transforming this storage room, which is directly off my bedroom, into an actual office/workspace for myself. home officeIt’s funny to think I’ve actually worked in here, as if it was an actual, functioning, creative space. Don’t be deceived by the craft table, art supplies, and studio lights, there is nothing creative happening in that room…YET! Here are the plans:home office Fresh paint and a new lighting fixture is a quick fix. But let’s talk about these floors…It’s one thing to have ugly, beige, brick patterned vinyl floors. It’s another thing to lay an ugly beige rug on top of the already ugly beige vinyl floors. Talk about insult to injury! First things first, burn the rug. Then, figure out the cheapest and easiest way to upgrade the floors.home office Thank God this room has a window, because if not, it would feel like an oversized closet. I’ll replace the curtains with a simple shade, nothing fancy. In all honesty, I will probably leave the shades open most of the time to avoid claustrophobia.The room is quite narrow, and the “custom” shelving protruding from the wall only makes it worse. A little demo to remove that whole wall of shelving will make the room feel much more open.inspiration boardThis is my design inspiration board. Bright, Colorful, and Fun is what I’m going for. The space should give off a “creative person works here” vibe. I love the look of fresh white walls, but incorporating  bright pops of color and bold patterns through furniture, artwork, and accessories. I’m excited to begin remodeling, and i’ll be sharing my progress with you guys along the way!

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DIY: Natural Antibacterial Cleaner

diy-grapefruit-vinegar-all-purpose-cleaner-2Something is going around and it hit me hard! I’ve never been this sick for this long. We’ve all experienced the physical toll that being sick has on your body, but when you are sick for an extended period of time it becomes mentally draining — trying to keep your thoughts positive and not fear the worse. Thankfully, I’m starting to feel much better, and regain my physical (and mental) strength. I’m determined to never, ever, get this sick again! Which means I’m committing to eat healthier, exercise more (and by “more” I mean exercise, period), and take better care of myself! But the first thing on my list to do –decontaminate my house. grapefruit-peels

I found this recipe for a natural antibacterial all-purpose cleaner using ingredients that you probably already have at home. Full DIY instructions here.

-Peel of 1 extra large grapefruit
-Glass canning jar
-2 cups white vinegar
-Grapefruit seed extract or tea tree oil
-Small spray bottle

Thank you everyone for your healing thoughts and prayers. And to anyone else who may be under the weather, praying for a speedy recovery!

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